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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  April 4, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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floor at raymond james. we'll talk to the ceo, paul reilly, the head of fixed income and all the top trading desk leaders there. wait until you hear what they have to say about stocks right now. ashley: "money" with melissa francis is next. melissa: i'm melissa francis and here's "who made money today". investors going short on gold. gold bugs though getting crushed! the metal seems to be losing its appeal as a safe haven. gold fell to 1551.80 an ounce. that is the lowest close in ten months. we'll talk a lot more about this in moments. also making money, richard schulze, the founder of best buy. he recently failed to take the company private but he is not shedding any tears today. best buy is opening samsun samsung-branded shops inside its stores. the stock soared more than 16% on that news. schultz owns 70 million shares of best buy. that means, he made $244 million today.
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congratulations. and someone losing a boatload of money today. miami heat's chris bosh, says a burglar looted the his home last night while several people were inside? the thief stole 12 watches worth 300 grand and several purses worth 155,000 bucks, two rings, 20,000 in cash. what a blow. even when they say it's not it is always about money melissa: well, as i said gold hit a ten-month low below 1540 an ounce today, as the dollar strengthened ahead of the european central bank statement. despite the downward trend one ceo says he believes gold will move past $2,000 and even reach $5,000 an ounce in the next few years. he is calling this a golden
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opportunity. now before we hit our first break we're going to do nothing but make you money tonight. so is this the time to get in or get out of gold? here with fox business exclusive, ceo of gold bug himself, rob mchugh wan, former founder and chairman of goldcorp. welcome to the show. give me your bullish case. that is pretty bold. why do you think gold will go much higher? >> melissa, there is couple reasons. in the last cycle from 1970 to 1980. gold went from $40 to 800. 20 fold increase. apply that to the 20-year low we had in 2001 of $250 an ounce. you're at $5,000. second, reason, massive quantitative easing and huge levels of debt being incurred by the government. in history that is always meant that currencies are being debased and you should seek to diversify your
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portfolio. melissa: before you go any further let me take apart a few of your first points there. you talk about monetary easing around the world. that will come to an end at some point. here in the u.s. they have said, you know, that the fed will put the brakes on when we see unemployment reach 6.5%. so as you see that getting closer do you then think that gold becomes a bad investment? >> no. the amount of debt being piled up right now is just unprecedented and all you have to do is look back in economic history. this leads to a debasement of one's currency. it costs you more. just as you were talking about that theft down in florida, look at the price of watches, purses. $150,000 for a purse? melissa: i know -- >> that is inflation. melissa: the problem the dollar is going in the other direction right now. we're seeing the dollar strengthen as a result of what is going on in europe. that is one of the reasons we saw gold fall again today. doesn't that make you
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nervous as these things you're talking about happening we're seeing gold go lower? >> that's true. i think it is short term in nature. the dollar is a safe haven relative to the euro and how investors have been very concerned about what is going on in cyprus and saying that could spread through the rest of europe. so let's go to the dollar. but once i look at the dollar, there is some problems with it as well. melissa: you know on a comparetive basis you know, a lot of people would rather buy stock than gold because with stock right now at least it is in an uptrend. there is economic growth to support it. that we're coming to the end of a gold cycle. don't you think stocks are a more interesting investment? >> right now stocks certainly are. they're providing yield and they're going up in price and the gold stocks are going the other way. bullion is off its high from $1900 but, it has strong undertones and there are more people looking at it and saying look, it dropped quite a bit right now.
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maybe it is time to start enter iting this market and taking a position. melissa: the most basic argument before we run out of time when you're looking at gold, there are no earnings. there is not ton of industrial demand. not like it goes away. all the gold that is ever mind still above-ground. it hasn't been used. they also say you like so many people that come on, are talking your own book. you're a gold miner. so it benefits you to say the price is going higher. how do you respond to those arguments. >> i agree i'm talking my book. more than 90% of my wealth is in gold bullion or gold stocks. it served me very well because gold was $250 in 2001. it is up more than six times since then. and i'm quite comfortable seeing it going much higher from here. based on historical precedent. melissa: rob, thanks so much for coming on tonight. we appreciate your time. >> thank you, melissa. melissa: so the gold bar has been set high. you heard the bull side. is that enough for you to buy in? hang on we'll hear from
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someone a little more bearish on gold. with me is with his take, matthew tuttle. welcome back to the he show. what do you think of the arguments you heard? >> i'm not convinced, definitely not. you mentioned gold is losing its al peel as a safe haven. i would see it is a still safe haven. we just don't need it right now. melissa: why? is seems like the world is falling apart. he is right, they're printing money hand over fist. they're buying bonds. there is lot of disarray. i know ceos who ask to have their bonuses paid in actual physical gold this year. they don't believe what is going on with the fed and governments around the world. melissa: i agree. >> there is a lot of problems out there. if you look at it and it was not a as bad couple years ago and gold could not break through 2000 even though everybody was saying it would go through 2000. things are still not great
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but they're much better than they were. the whole argument, cyprus, i'm sorry for, but cyprus is somewhat insignificant as far as the whole world goes. that doesn't concern me as much as italy and spain did a couple years ago. melissa: even when on a day like today when we see gold sitting at a 10-month low, that doesn't seem like an opportunity if you were investor at home right now and thinking about a short-term pop? >> if i'm an investor trying to make money i would much rather buy into stocks in an uptrend and pick a bottom for gold. to me that is like trying to catch a falling knife. we look at it from a tech kal standpoint. we're right near some real important support. i could see gold going to 1300 an ounce much easier than i see it going to 2000. melissa: really? what do you think of rob saying 2000. i think he said 5,000 by 2015 or 2016. i have to look at exact time horizons by some time soon. >> only way it goes to 5,000
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there is blood in the streets. i don't see that. if north korea starts hitting us with missiles or something. short of that, no. i don't see any way we get there. melissa: there are a lot of people who don't have a basic faith in what is going on in this country right now especially when you look at our monetary and fiscal policy. i mean our debt is ballooning out of control. we don't show any sign of slowing down. you see ads all the time on people say buy gold. put your money in gold. there is certain amount of logic to it. with continue to print money. we continue to buy and issue debt at the same time. is there a place in your portfolio for gold though at some point? i mean at what price does it make sense. >> oh, definitely. just like any asset you want to stay in harm harmony with market trends. i don't want to call a bottom in gold, but if gold starts to turn up i would have no problem buying gold and trying to get it on a uptrend. trying to call the bottom? who knows. melissa: matthew, thanks so much for coming on. >> thanks.
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melissa: so here is our "money" question of the day. is now the time to buy or sell gold? we got mixed reaction from you guys. this is my favorite one. you can't buy chicken mcnuggets with gold nuggets. cash is still king. that is good one. another person said i never sell gold. it is a currency you can trust. that is true. good debate. we want to hear from more of you. like us on or follow me on twitter atmel list is a a francis. to gold and what is called fools's gold. to the currency bit coin as value increased by over 600% since february. right now each virtual bitcoin is trading for about $130. this is up from just under $50 about two weeks ago. sounds like the greatest investment opportunity of all time, right? not so fast. phere is lot of concern that the bitcoin boom is bubble getting ready to burst. last night a hacking attack
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on one of the biggest bitcoin exchanges sent prices tumbling melissa: trace, this find me totally insane. young are producers were urging me to do a seg amendment on this months ago. i thought about it coin is just insane it has really taken off. people are paying attention to it. is it for real? >> yeah. it's definitely for real. i remember when i was trying to encourage people to buy bit coins, first publicly recommended it around a nickel a coin. now it is $133. so those people who would have followed that advice they would have been able to participate in perhaps one of the largest bull markets in history. and this bull market isn't even close to being over. melissa: let's explain to people what it is in case they don't know. it's a virtual currency. it doesn't exist in real life. it's generated by an
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algorithm online but there is finite amount of it that will ever be out there. am i right? >> yeah. you're exactly correct. bitcoin is really a math problem. it is a math problem that creates this currency that is limited in amount. so if you believe in the metals thesis like gold and want to buy stuff they can't print doesn't have counter party risk that doesn't get seized like cyprus bitcoin falls into that thesis. it allows people to send any amount of money anywhere in the world to anytime to anyone. it can't being seized or in any way. melissa: totally legal currency everywhere? who accepts it? >> there are hundreds of thousands if not now millions of people that accept it on the internet. and the money stock of bitcoin is larger than that of the country of georgia. it is larger than 25 or 30 other countries. it is kind of a local currency for the internet in
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that sense. melissa: half the bitcoin that ever exist already exists i understand. there is limit on the system of 21 million bit coins. there are 11 million in existence. how do you know that is real? how do you know that there is only a limited amount over time? >> well, that's information that's contained in what is called the block chain. and the block shape is validated by the largest distributed computer network in the world. a network that has over, to use geek speak, 700 pedaflops the department of energy recently built a supercomputer called triton. it cost $1.2 billion and it has 15 pet flops. melissa: i got to stop you. that is all french to people i have no idea what you're saying. this isn't real though, is the only thing. this is what bothers me. why would i pay for something in bit coins when i could pay for it in cash? why would i invest in this currency and use it to pay
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for something when i could use my credit card? >> well when you use your credit card, you have your name, your address. all the things that an identity thief needs in order to steal your identity. additionally the merchant has to worry about charge backs and fraud and they can't accept payment from people that might be in one. 150 or 60 other countries that don't have paypal or credit cards. by using a service like bit pay, a merchant can have a cost of 99 basis points, receive payments in bit coins. have them ex-chained into dollars and direct deposited into the account on daily basis. there is no fraud, no charge backs. lower fees. melissa: untraceable is that one of the big things about it, that it is untraceable? that makes me think the real purpose of bit coins to use it for drugs or buy weapons illegally? >> well i was invited to speak two weeks ago to members of the u.s. fed, the bundesbank and a lot of major banks. there is this misconception because bitcoin is
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synonymous that is is a anonymous. that is not true. bitcoin is not anonymous. it is censorship resistant. that is big difference. when you use it there are a lost digital footprints that you potentially could leave investigators or forensic accountants could follow. melissa: okay. thanks for coming on today. a lot of people are talking about this today. it is on the front page of "the financial times" wondering if this is the next big bubble in bitcoin. we'll certainly stay on top of this and follow it. thanks for coming on and explaining it to. >> thanks, michelle. melissa: next on money, insider trading crack down spotlights the underbelly of wall street. is the power of money fueling the culture of corruption? we'll hear from a white-collar convict. best buy slashes the price of ipad. we've been flooded by questions since reporting it from you. is a new ipad just around the corner and should you hold off buying one until then? a top tech expert joins us
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melissa: oh the power of money. we all want it but don't always think about the dark side and pitfalls of that power. big insider trading arrest of sac portfolio manager michael steinberg got us thinking about it. we've seen so many cases. feels like many in the industry thought guys like this were untouchable because they were making so much money. tens of millions of dollars a year. with that money i guess comes the mindset you can do anything. but is it money breeds a culture of corruption or are just criminals attracted to wall street? that is what we're wondering. here to talk about it ron geffner, counsels white collar criminals. we have the owner of crazy eddie's electronics store. he is convicted felon himself. sam, start with you. you say a lot of unethical people get into the financial industry. do you believe that. >> that is where money is. if you're a career criminal
5:20 pm
like i was, opportunity is where the big money is which is the financial industry. the non-career criminal, you call situationally ethical person. the person that doesn't intend to be a criminal when they get into the industry but give in to sin and temptation. the bonus, the bonuses that they get. performance targets they have to reach. it pushes them to an extent that they didn't intend on going to which is crime. melissa: ron, do you believe that? >> well i believe, most of the people i deal with are non-career criminals. my background is sec. i used to prosecute money managers. i'm actively involved in the finance industry. i have not meant to my knowledge someone in my office saying i want to commit a crime. there is lot of pressure and bad judgment that occurs. a lot of team people doing things don't realize they're violating law during their actions. these a snap decision. >> not realizing or wanting to recent lyle eyes? -- realize? i think insider information.
5:21 pm
you're will fully ignoring where the line is? >> i don't think is is most cases willful ignorance. you're very close to the line. people try to get aggressive getting most current information and reading through all the tea leaves to give them an edge. whether that edge is legal or not legal is not always very clear black and white line you can see until you're too far gone past the line. melissa: yeah. >> that being said, there are other situations where you have somebody made a bad decision and involved bringing others down around them. and bad decisions by a group of people. melissa: sam, i don't agree with that. do you think the financial industry attract people who push themselves as hard as they possibly can in everywhere way? maybe that applies to where the line. law is? that is why financial people make so much money. they're apt to push themselves over the line? >> some people push themselves and by mistake they cross the line and it
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happens. first offense of any criminal is to plead ignorance. stupidity is not a crime in america. if i get caught first thing i'm going to say i really wasn't sure i was crossing the line. melissa: ron, last time we were talking about politicians who crossed the line in cases of bribery and this or that. maybe because they're public servants they're paid so little, that money becomes a huge temptation. in this case we kind of scratch our heads and say the opposite. if you look at allegations going on in the case of sack capital these are people that were making so much money! do you really need the increemental money you would get by being an inside trader or being inside trader or however you say that as an active verb? >> we'll get an english teacher to help you and i how we communicate this. really it is a function not so much about monetary gains per se. often times when people do things and bad decisions are made it is more often driven by ego, not money with my impression. melissa: ego?
5:23 pm
>> virtually wanting to be the best and wanting to outperform the people and benchmarks set for you. there is lot of pressure it perform. but that said, people realize that listen, at the risk of getting caught is high you will have fewer people engaging in questionable behavior. some of the things that have come about really come about, this is around 2006, 2007, behavior that we're reading about right now. you're also reading about a bunch of cases that all tied to the same group of people. so one person turning on another, turning on another. how accurate the information is or isn't and people's memories also isn't really clear. melissa: sam, ron said interesting thing, ego. >> correct. melissa: it is not about money. >> to quote michael douglas in wall street ii it is not% the money, it is not the money, it is the game. money is one of the incentives to commit crime but not only the incentive. there is ego stature, a other reasons besides money.
5:24 pm
melissa: what if you made the point really if you fine some one or a firm for insider trading that is like a tax as opposed to really going to jail? >> i don't think that is the perception these days. the reality if you get prosecuted and conviction you might as well consider yourself out of the industry and it could be a career. melissa: so the penalty is high enough? >> the penalty is very, very high. there is function of so much information trading hands and sometimes we don't know the materiality of the information we're exchange or acting upon. melissa: you disagree? >> i disagree. in this case the government hazard hard on for insider trading firms. melissa: i'm not sure you can say that. >> big banks on wall street, couldn't prosecute a ham sandwich sold as kosher beef. we have the model. melissa: -- good joke. >> we have thing that big bank sisters a immune from prosecution. they decriminalize white-collar crime for wall street banks, we'll fine you. it is not a fine but form of a tax on ill got gain.
5:25 pm
you pay a little bit of a tax on huge ill-gotten gains and get away with it and walk to commit a crime the other days. that is one of the things courts are going on, nonprosecution agreements where people don't admit or deny. melissa: last word. we got to go. >> i disagree. more people will be prosecuted. we'll see more people prosecuted because of whistle-blower programs from dodd-frank and social media information flies more quickly through the markets. melissa: thanks to both of you. great discussion. we appreciate it. coming up on "money," best buy slashes ipad prices. a new ipad could be on the way. we've been inundated since we reported it yesterday. should you hold off on buying one? a top tech expert is here to answer your questions. plus the new crowd funding craze is financing everything from movies to watches, but are investors getting the short end of the stick? while entrepreneurs laugh all the way to the bank. two of top names in crowd funding are here in a fox business exclusive. do you ever have too much money?
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that's what they can do with yo let's get to work. ameriprise financial. more within reach. ♪ melissa: so here on "money" we listen to you and we help you make money. during the show yesterday i wrote raking is about the apple ipad and how best buy is discounting the ipad three by 30%. to be a likely indicator rumors of a new ipad release are true. almost immediately viewers responded. one person said more like best buy trying to generate sales by sacrificing margins. maybe. and the alceste what should i do, by the old one for 30% off or wait for the new one? you ask and we answer. all that and much more. here to answer that, todd hamilton. do you believe there is a new
5:31 pm
ipad coming out? >> absolutely. i don't know if june is the da date, usually a soccer event these days but could be an ipad event this year. melissa: didn't one of those people say they're making a case coming out with anyone in june and that was a big no-no? >> we have seen that before. usually they try to guess on its end as we saw with the iphone 5, they were wrong, actually. mainly it is a guessing game for them. melissa: interesting. people said what should i do? rather than have it in my own humble opinion even though i own these devices i wanted to bring an expert out to tell people for real. >> i think it is a great price right now, but remember this is the ipad three, not the fourth one.
5:32 pm
many times they drop the price of the older ipad when they introduced the new one. i would say you should wait for that because you're getting a better product at a cheaper price. melissa: what do you think will be new and fantastic about the new one, what can i do to make it better? >> everybody is going after software and products. we are focusing on ios seven. i think we will see that come out at the worldwide developer conference. it will probably look like the ipad mini does. melissa: and best buy putting samsung store within a store. what do you think about best buy? >> best buy is trying to show them some, buy those products here instead of going to your carrier or somewhere else.
5:33 pm
you are not walking down an aisle of tablets saying i don't know which one to buy. you have samsung showing you what you may want to buy this tablet. melissa: what did you think about facebook nine announcement today? some anticipated a phone, instead it is more software. >> actually it is both. i think it is really interesting. i want to see how ads come into play and they purposely avoided that. melissa: great information, thank you for helping our viewers out. we appreciate it. it is raining money in crowd funding. do you want in? two of the biggest names in crowd funding joins us exclusively on what investors can expect to get out of it. and making more money on the housing recovery without buying a house. plenty of ways to do it. where you can still get in on the ground floor of housing.
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piles of "money" coming up. welcome to the new new york state.
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melissa: it doesn't matter what time it is, "money" is always on the move. shares of wd-40 are jumping after hours. you probably have one at home, at least one can.
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they beat expectations and also raises the outcom income outlooe year. even if you haven't tried it, you probably heard of the latest investment craze, that is crowd funding. people are flocking to websites were entrepreneurs list the money they need to start a project and literally anyone can invest to help get it off the ground. there have been huge success stories, most recently $2 million raised in just hours to make a movie based on the television series "veronica mars." they help small business start to succeed but can it last before investors want more? joining me, ceo of crowd founder and ceo of crowdfund. let me start with you. i have been down on crowd
5:39 pm
funding since it started because to me it is just a donation. you don't get anything back, you're just sort of giving somebody money to start a business site and i showed even call it investing. speaker that is what we are excited about. participate in a legislative effort over the last couple of years it became a portion of the jobs that might have heard about. really focus on how to empower entrepreneur's and small businesses in the u.s. and help them raise the capital they need to grow. we see a shift from donations. melissa: break that down into english for me. i might get something back monday for donating my money? >> the world of investment has shifted. now allows people to use the web to crowd funding investments. we're moving out of this only donation model and moving into one where people can become investors. melissa: it is not a reality yet, we still have legal hurdles to get through. >> we had a ruling with the sec
5:40 pm
to iron out how this would be implemented and to protect investors. that is still going on, but sites are building social networks to help entrepreneurs connect to investors but we are not transacting investments so we merge this blend of donation-based crowd funding and future connection to help us connect to investors to give investments in the future. melissa: if that doesn't happen, does crowd funding die? will they get tired of donating money to someone to get their business off the ground? i have talked to people who gave money to somebody making a film and they said this is my passion project and they donated money and the person sold the film, made a ton of money and the friend who'd given him the money in the first place said thanks a lot, i donated to you, you made a billion dollars and they don't feel so charitable when it is taking off. >> is an equity crowd funding
5:41 pm
space, it all comes down to expectations. you have to be very clear upfront to what the person regardless of their donating are making an investment will get a return for that. setting expectations will be really important. >>melissa: somebody makes a donation or invest in crowd funding and you're first in line for the product or you get the product where you get the product at a discount down the line if it comes out in that sounds like tax evasion. you're putting your money and getting a product later, so it is like a sales and you're not paying sales tax, but you are getting a product they are making later down the line, does that ever come up as a problem? >> comes up as a potential problem. what we advise them to do is make sure you're in compliance with your local state law and tax laws, but what we are moving the more collaborative world of
5:42 pm
funding where you can donate and be a contributor in helping to be a customer or you can be an investor or you can put money in and anticipate the upside of the company. that is a significant change investing where people aren't just waiting for dollars to happen, but they are making a difference for that company. melissa: when you bring in a venture partner you have to pay them back and they own a portion of your company. with this you are basically raising free money. >> partnering with crowdfunder, we're trying to support local development. helping connect not just a capital, but connect with that community and that is a key factor in terms of why we are interested in helping entrepreneurs. melissa: your business focuses on local communities. why would anybody go out and
5:43 pm
raise venture money if you can get free money you don't have to pay back? >> investors can be strategic investors. they've done a lot of sophisticated financial investments. that makes them and others reasonable. imagine you are getting 300 people who really love your brand and your company, they may be more active. melissa: interesting. that could be a good point. thank you so much. coming up on "money," you don't have to own a home to make money in the housing market recovery. the best housing stock to cash in on because at the end of the day it is all about "money." my mother made the best toffee in the world.
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♪ melissa: we want to make even more money before the end of this show. you heard about the housing rebound, home prices have the biggest year-over-year increase since 2006. even if you're not in the market for an actual home, here's a way to make money tomorrow. joining me now, global market strategist, welcome back to the show. i like this idea because people may or may not believe in a
5:48 pm
housing recovery and may want to stay more liquid than that, frankly, after everything that has happened. so we have some stocks related to the housing industry that you think have some good potential upside. we will start with sherwin williams. do you think that will continue? >> i do think it will continue. the reason why is the housing market is real, and when you see a real housing market today. i am here in miami, looking today, the construction cranes are up, it is happening and when the volume starts going up, the first thing people want to do is make a little bit extra money with the houses they sell, the best way to do with two painted. he put money in paint, make the house look better, the pictures look nicer and you want to get two or three cost the times of paint. melissa: what is the target on that? it looks like it had a peak and was on its way down. where is the stock going?
5:49 pm
>> it will be up to 185, 190 within six months. melissa: you also like zillow. i don't know how much bigger this company can actually get given what they do. to me it is sort of it is what it is, how does it go up from here? >> zillow is an amazing company. recently they bought a company called hot pads. you can slide through a city and decide which apartment you want to rent and i have over 600,000 listings now. they're doing some pretty amazing things. they created a new application for the android which is pretty amazing. they have a lot of opportunity nationally, but domestically when you think about the real estate market, when people see a hot real estate market they want information, and zillow provides
5:50 pm
reliable information. i think it will see a lot of increase in revenue. melissa: if we can show the chart we just saw a second ago, that chart is scary for a different reason. the other chart that we had up longer range. there you go, that one is a little scary. are there barriers to entry for other people to hop in and do what zillow has been doing? >> there are because there is recognition now. we're talking about zillow today, everybody uses it as a resource. ithe market cap 1.7 billion that is difficult for somebody to try and replace them. melissa: you like home depot, not lowe's, how come? >> home depot is the biggest and the best. in terms of renovation, that is an area we will see a huge amount of increase.
5:51 pm
a harvard study says renovation will pique over $100 million in the efforts over this next coming year, up almost 15% from the past year. home depot will benefit from that, i like it more than lowe's because they are larger and provide better service and frankly the ceo is doing a much better job. melissa: thank you for coming on, great ideas. >> thank you for having me. melissa: coming up, beyoncé. are they worth $50 million she is getting paid? stay tuned. you can never have too much "money." we went out and asked people a simple question:
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how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed: the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪
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melissa: you can dance, it is okay. a little fun with "spare change." thanks to both of you for coming on. first up, beyoncé pepsi campaign kicking off today. a new video on pepsi's youtube page. earning the pop star a cool $50 million. wouldn't that be nice. she is going to have a say in what the soda cans look like an
5:56 pm
play a role deciding consumer content and obviously promoting the new song. who benefits more, do you think? >> queen bee. they better watch it because they're this close from becoming kanye and kim. it is a little bit over the top. in this commercial she is looking in a mirror while she is singing and dancing. >> people love beyoncé. a very different demographic. everybody loves beyoncé. one step she can take to promote the brand she has. melissa: i love jay-z, i love
5:57 pm
beyoncé, but it is a little bit over the top, little bit too much. do you want to get up and do it? >> i am not in the demographic. not today. melissa: she is gorgeous, you can stop that. don't you hate it when a movie trailer looks awesome but the movie isn't that great? this next one takes that to a whole new level of a new zealand man went to see the tom cruise flick he expected to see the explosion from the trailer but it wasn't in the movie so he complained and paramount pictures refund the price of his ticket. did they open up the floodgates for more disgruntled moviegoers? >> this guy is complaining because he thought he was getting promised something. has he ever been through a taco bell drive through? that happens all the time.
5:58 pm
>> i think this is the textbook definition of loser. you complain about. but what happened, your right is the thing goes viral, they give back his money, every lunatic in the world now will stay i want my money back. melissa: i think so too. it may be busy trying to blow us up, but north korea still has time to message apparently. it has been hacked. claiming responsibility and posted pictures like this one of the dictator with a mickey mouse tattoo. do you think this is the joke? >> i saw the crazy pictures of him with dennis rodman. this is really interesting this actually got hacked. the amount of people in one of
5:59 pm
those camps. >> i cannot leave they have time planning and nuclear assault on us and they are tweeting. >> i worry john kerry and chuck hagel may be talking to the wrong people. these aren't the sharper knives in the cabinet. melissa: really quick before we go, as if doughnuts were not already bad enough for you. making them even worse, it is a glazed donut breakfast sandwich featuring an egg and bacon, sandwiched between a glazed doughnut. i cannot even imagine how many calories that is, but it is about $3 in massachusetts. are you racing to get one? >> heart attack on a plate


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